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1. This Regulations determines the rules and conditions of using the database available at, being the property of AdSystems company, seated in Bielawa, C.K.Norwida 4a/6 street.

2. Making a registration entry in the database is free and every user has the right to use a payable advertisement. The price of such advertisement is given when filling he application form of the PREMIUM entry. The prices may change depending on the current exchange rate or promotion.

3. Making an entry in database is possible by filling an application form. Filling this form means accepting this Regulations.

4. The description cannot include any pornographic content, nor any content offending religious and national feelings.

5. In case of payable advertisements and offers, an electronic VAT invoice for the provided service is issued and the payment method shall be a bank transfer to the account specified in the invoice.

6. The date of beginning of the service shall be the date of booking the payment by the administrator. The period of the contract shall be 12 months (365 days) and is not returned on the resignation from the service.

7. The customer does not have to deliver a notice of termination of the contract. Providing services for a limited period shall be considered prolonged in the moment of booking the payment for the next accounting period. The unpaid advertisements will be deleted.

8. Adsystems can terminate providing the Services in case of failure to comply with the provisions of the Contract or the breach of the Regulations by the Customer.

9. AdSystems reserves the right to send messages to the given email address.

10. The website is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However, AdSystems reserves the right to make breaks caused by emergency cases or the maintenance of the website. AdSystems does not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by such breaks.

11. Duplicating entries in the directory and registering multiple accounts by one user is prohibited. All the actions aimed to duplicate the advertisements are considered as a breach of the Regulations and in case of recognizing such actions, AdSystems reserves the right to ban the user's account permanently and delete all their entries.

12. Using information obtained from the database to send spam correspondence is prohibited, regardless of the correspondence type and content.

13. Payable and non-payable passing the information from the database to the third parties is prohibited, as is making such information available to the public. The User may print data from the database only for their own purpose.

14. Acces to the database using software other than a regular Internet browser is a breach of the Regulations and shall constitute a breach of the law.

15. AdSystems reserves the right to deny the acces to website for the User in case of breaching the Regulations by the User or a justified assumption that the User breaches or plans to breach the Regulations. Moreover, AdSystems may claim damages related to the breach of intellectual property rights as well as the third party rights.

16. AdSystems shall take pains to provide its users with the highest quality service. However, the company does not take any responsibility for loss or damage related to using the website, caused by invalid information in the database or the malfunction of the Internet.

17. AdSystems reserves the right to introduce individual access limitations for the users without giving the cause.

18. The presence of the address in the database does not mean that its owner agrees to receive unwanted correspondence and therefore does not indemnify the database user from the possible penal responsibility, provided by the Art. 24 Law from 18. July 2002 on providing electronic services (so called "anti-spam" law).

19. In all the cases not specified in the Regulations, the provisions of the Law on the database protection are applicable. All the disputes between the parties arising in connection with providing services under the terms specified in the Regulations shall be settled by the court appropriate for the seat of AdSystems company.





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