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Searching for companies in directory

Searching for the information using search engine is easy. Enter a word (e.g. gardening, computers), phrase (e.g. foreign language learning, designing websites), branch (e.g. house services, restaurants) or name of the location (city, state, address or its part) in the search field, which specify best the data you are looking for and press Enter or click SEARCH button. You will obtain search results only in the specified place. The more data you enter, the more reliable the search results will be.

Using capital letterrs search engine does not recognize capital letters. If you enter capital letters, they will be considered as small letters. Entering such keywords as hotels, Hotels or HOTELS will yield the same results.

Choosing the search phrases

The efficiency of information search depends on the choice of words and phrases. Enter such words that are directly connected with the expected result. They should also be specific enough.





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